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In a culture of comparison and pressure for perfection, Kristen desires to see women step into community with one another, deeply connecting and learning to love with abandon.

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Here’s what you need to know about Kristen

Through engaging, relatable and pertinent topics, Kristen challenges women to live a life more full of joy, vulnerability and conversation that digs below surface level.

She gives her audiences tools to be the kind of women who show up with courage to fight for healthier, more engaging relationships.

With God as her guide, Kristen relays stories from her own experiences as a wife, mother, friend, and woman, encouraging women to taste the feast of community God has prepared for them.

Kristen will have your community laughing, sometimes crying, and always challenged to spend their time with others in more meaningful ways.

No gathering is too small or too large for profound transformation through connection.

Speaking topic grace over guilt


grace over guilt

Stepping out of shame and into your true potential

Speaking topic hospitality of the heart


hospitality of the heart

honest storytelling, practiced wisdom, and practical tools

Speaking topic family identity


family identity

How to speak unity into reality

Speaking topic a winning marriage


a winning marriage

Stay on the offense of a happy, healthy marriage


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Do you avoid hosting friends and family often because it feels too overwhelming? Does it feel like loving on your guests requires sacrificing your sanity?

With a few simple tried and tested tips and tricks, you can greatly reduce the stress of hosting and learn to enjoy the art of hospitality.

Hosting with kids: 5 steps toward heart filled and hassle free hosting

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