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What's the big deal about gathering around the table?

The idea of only five love languages is hard to wrap my mind around. How can there be only five when there is guacamole, chocolate mousse, Texas BBQ, tacos, wine, ice cream, pizza...okay, you get the point. I love food. The ability to savor the delicious food that God gave us access to is such a gift in and of itself. What I love even more than food, however, are the relationships grown over meals. Genuine, vulnerable, trustworthy, available, others-centered relationships.

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BBQ Bar, Taco Bar, Shrimp Boil: Cook up easy, delicious meals for a crowd that don't really involve much "cooking"

I adore when people I love gather around the table for connection and conversation. I adore it even more when I know everyone is eating something they love, and I didn’t have to cook most of it. “Bars” are perfect for this. I’ve done crepe bars, trail mix bars, pizza bars, iced tea/lemonade bars, BBQ bars, tacos get the idea. In this post I’ll give you the deets on BBQ and taco bars- so easy, delicious, and always guest favorites.

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